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dbSpy is a powerful and user-friendly open-source tool for managing and working with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. It allows users to easily connect to remote databases, upload their own SQL files, or build a database schema from scratch.

Moreover, dbSpy provides a simple and straightforward means for developers to access and manipulate the schema of a database. Users can easily add, delete, and edit the tables, columns, and foreign key relationships of their database schema. The ER diagram visualizer provides users with a clean, beautiful interface for organizing and understanding the attributes and relationships of each instance in their schema.

Check out our website(containerized through Docker and delpoyed through AWS) here.

dbSpy UI screenshot


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, JWTs, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Express, Docker, AWS


  • Database Uploads: Connect to remote SQL database or upload local SQL files
  • ER Diagram Visuals: Visualize the entity relationship diagram of a database with dynamic handle placement
  • Table Relationship Visuals Relationships of individual tables are easily identified when clicking on a table
  • Schema Modification: Easily modify a database's schema through a simple UI
  • Guided Database Building: Create a new database from scratch using entity relationship diagrams to ensure the integrity of the database
  • Database Undo/Redo: Provides a history of edits for easier backtracking
  • Query Generator: Query generator generates executable SQL queries
  • User Sessions: Sign up/Log in securely with either Google OAuth or JWTs/Bcrypt
  • Save/Load: Store and reload recent database sessions through your user account
  • Dark Mode: Visual settings to provide a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environements